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Targeted Focal Therapy

Targeted Focal Therapy is a new form of treating prostate cancer.  Historically, treatment of prostate cancer has been “all or none.” Patient either remove or radiate the entire prostate regardless of the amount of cancer in the gland. Or, patient do nothing and monitor the cancer – active surveillance. Now, with the advent of mutiparametric MRI and MRI/ ultrasound fused prostate biopsies, we now can visualize where the tumor is in the prostate. Therefore, in select patients where the tumor(s) are small and localized within the prostate, we can offer targeted focal treatment of the prostate cancer and spare the remaining healthy prostate. This is performed through percutaneous cryoablation of the prostate gland. The goal of focal targeted therapy is to kill the cancer and minimize potential side effects such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.   Cryotherapy is well studied. It has traditionally been used with treating the entire prostate. Unfortunately, the risk of urinary problems, erectile dysfunction and bowel issues is elevated with the use of cryotherapy for the enire prostate. But, when used in a focal, sub total, ablation fashion, the side effect risk is minimized. This form of  therapy is not indicated or recommend in cases where the cancer cells have penetrated the prostate capsule wall (T3) or high grade cancers (Gleason 8, 9, and 10).